Cleaning Spray

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    GP Cleaner(Multipurpose Cleaner)

    To remove grease and oil from surface of molds, products, macgineries, equipments and so on. It is recommended to use together with "Depo Cleaner" for mold cleaning

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    B & P Cleaner C5, Jumbo(Intruments Cleaner)

    B & P Cleaner is designed to completely flush out resin powder or metal powder from hydraulic eqiupments such as brake drum, lining, brake pad, chain, gearbox and bearing

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    Depo Cleaner(Deposit Remover)

    Depo cleaner is designed to remove and dissolve the sticky resin stain and deposit, caused by gas in molding,out from molds and products. After sprayed on the mold, leave it for 2-3 minutes until the agent penetrate into the stain then wipe out by clothe or "GP Cleaner"